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August 2019

I have developed the self-locking string-roller greatly simplifying stringing-up.
























June 2016

Birds & Roses

In a collaboration with Ana Vidovic I created the Birds & Roses model. This will be a signed and numbered Limited Edition of 10. The set will be accompanied by a personalized document signed by Ana and myself.

More information coming soon.

















































January 2015

After endless tweaking of design and technique I finished the first set of the Luck Dragon .

More info in the Limited Edidtion section

















item2November 2014

Luck Dragon cont...

Creating the green patina has been a long journey. Initially I would use Cupric Nitratrate to create a patina called Verdigris or Greenspan. (The same one sees on the Statue of Liberty) While I succeeded after many failed experiments to create this patina it was just not quite what I was looking for.

Then Michael Cone upped the ante by suggesting cloisonne, an enamel proceess best known for the Faberge eggs. In the end it prooved to be just a bit too much on the expensive side -:)

I then discovered that the same company that makes the e-coating clear coat offers a line of translucent ceramic coatings. Below is a pendant I made using this technology.




June 2014

E-coating clear coat

In the past I used a brush-on clear coat to prevent tarnishing. Recently, I came across a technology called e-coating whereby an electric current is used to deposit cramic nano tubes onto the metal surface. The result is a crystal clear very hard and durable ceramic coat. Here is my new equipment.


May 2014


Until now I relied on outside commercial metal finishers to do the electro-plating for me. This has caused sometimes serious delays. I bought recently professional electro-plating equipment that allows me to do 24 carat gold, Nickel, black Rhodium and Platinum plating.



February 2014

Next year will be my 10th anniversary of Graf Tuners.

To celebrate this occasion I will have a Limited Edition of 10 sets with the serial # from 1001 to 1010 of a Chinese Luck Dragon.

The design is still in its development. While the plate design and engraving is close to the final version I still need to establish how to generate the green patina.


























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